I'm Aaron Shea. I like programming.

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General Development

C/C++, C#, Elixir, Python, and Java are among the languages I've had experience with in general native application development. This has ranged from custom plugins to totally custom tools to aid in larger application development.

Web Development

I have experience with Node.js, PHP, ES6 and CSS tools (SASS, Less etc.) I'm mostly a back end developer, but have experience with frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular.

I also have experience with frameworks such as Phoenix and Rails, as well as tools like Docker.

Game Development

While I haven't released a game (yet) I enjoy doing game design and development in my free time. I've used Haxe, C# and C++ to develop custom engines and content creation tools. I also have experience with Unreal Engine 4 plugin development.

Things I've Done


A UI framework that renders HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the Unreal Engine 4. Powered by the Chromium Embedded Framework, BLUI provides bindings and convenience methods allowing the rendering of web pages (and local HTML documents) inside the engine. This allows the creation of rich HUDs and user interfaces. Check it out on GitHub. BLUI was also awarded an Unreal Developer Grant.

NullBrush Lab Ltd.

NullBrush Lab is an independent software development venture focused on creative tooling and plug-ins for art/animation software. Dedicated to creating useful tools for content artists, animators and studios. Check it out.


A tool geared towards Flash animators that allows the rendering of a SWF movie into a transparent QuickTime file for use in post-production stages. The tool is free and open source. Check it out!


frenpile is a group of animators producing some pretty unique stuff. They wanted a better layout for their Tumblr blog, so i took up the challenge over a free weekend. Visit frenpile!

Native Haxe Libraries

I've created a couple of Haxe native libraries to help speed up development of interactive applications. I made one that allows the use of FMOD, and one that provides bindings for PhysicsFS.

List of places I've worked

Synopsys Inc. SIG 2019-[Present]

Tinfoil Security Inc. 2019 (Aquired By Synopsys Inc.)

Geomagical Labs, Inc. 2018-2019 (Aquired By IKEA)

Digital Surgeons 2014-2017

How to get a hold of me

hey@[this domain]